July 20, 2017

This week two new terms of student data are now available in Cal Answers:

  • Degrees Earned Fall 2016 - Find out the headcounts of degree recipients or the degrees awarded counts prorated for double/triple majors for Fall 2016. You can view this data by degree level (Bachelor, Masters/Professional, Doctoral) and campus unit. We are now able to load Fall and Spring data separately vs the Annual load we have done in the past.

    Student Demographics & Outcomes - > Degrees Earned Dashboard -> Degree Counts Report  Please note that degree information for each academic year is loaded to Cal Answers incrementally, therefore 2016-17 will only display counts for Summer 2016 & Fall 2016 at this time as shown below.

  • Registered Students End of Term Spring 2017 - Only available in the Ad Hoc subject areas.

You can review a list of the latest Student data loads on our Student Data web page and check out our Planned Data Refresh Schedule for more information on future load timing.