SIS Data in Cal Answers

Cal Answers is an analytical tool allowing UC Berkeley to view centralized, integrated information from various campus systems. 

Student Information Systems (SIS) is a student technology project focusing on consolidating and modernizing over 100 existing information systems into one integrated software solution. 

What's changing

Part of the SIS project is creating the Campus Solutions database, which pulls data from various sources. This means the student data is in one place rather than the disparate collection of source databases used until now.

This affects Cal Answers because it affects where our student data is coming from. This will not have a direct impact on most users. It will have some impact on those who run ad hoc queries.

What's new

Field Value Changes: Some values have been changed, renamed, or replaced. For example the major name for Chemistry in Letters and Science has changed from "Chemistry" to "L&S Chemistry” and the Residency Status Desc field is changing from "CA Resident' to "Resident."  

Academic Hierarchy Changes: To align with campus organizational changes, some academic units have been re-organized so that theyappear within the unit they now belong. For example, Cognitive Science now falls under the Social Sciences Division. Note that all historical data has moved with its new unit to facilitate trend analysis.

Student Data ad hoc analysis users

  • 10 digit SIDs are being generated for the Fall 2016 semester. Previous SIDs were 8 digits. Anyone with an existing 8-digit SID will keep it.

  • Cal Answers can now  track students who have more than 3 declared majors.

  • Action: If you’ve used impacted field values as filters in your analyses or perform analyses on academic units that have been reorganized, edit your filters accordingly.

Recommended actions for Student Data dashboard users