UCPath integration to Cal Answers

February 27, 2019
Cal Answers Community,
The implementation of UCPath, the new UC-wide system for payroll, personnel, HR and benefits, will take place in March.
Cal Answers will continue to be available during the UCPath implementation. General Ledger reports, Financial Management reports, and PI Portfolio, as well as the associated ad hoc reporting, will be unaffected. HR and Payroll Leave Accrual reports will have data available as of Friday, March 8 from pre-UCPath and then the data will remain static as of that date while we work to transition the data source from Human Capital Management (HCM) to UCPath. The current Cal Answers Payroll Expense Detail report will not have new payroll beyond March 8, but will continue to be updated with funding transfers for pre-UCPath pay through September.
We're working to re-release the affected reports with data from UCPath and will continue to provide updates on when UCPath data will be available in Cal Answers. Additionally, UCPath is working on temporary options for offering HR and Payroll reports. For payroll data after March 8 until the Payroll Expense Detail report re-release, please run the General Ledger Detail tab in the General Ledger Reporting dashboard.
Please reach out to the UCPath team at ucpathberkeleyinfo@lists.berkeley.edu with questions about UCPath.
If you have questions about using Cal Answers, please contact the Cal Answers Help Desk at 510-664-9000 (option 1, then option 2) or calanswers-help@berkeley.edu
Thank you,
Cal Answers Team
Office of the Vice Chancellor of Finance