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Getting Started Guide 

How do I....

  • log in & access the dashboards and reports?
  • navigate the dashboards and reports?
  • filter on my specific data needs?
  • sort & drill into data tables?
  • print & export data from Cal Answers dashboards?

Student Data Subject Area, Dashboard & Filter Map

cal answers student data dashboards map

  • What dashboards & reports are available within the different student data subject areas?
  • What are the common filters I can apply to the data?
  • Which dashboard & reports include graduate data?

Create a Dashboard Bookmark Link

cal answers bookmark link job aid

  • How can I share a filtered and formatted dashboard report with a colleague?

Briefing Books

  • How can I save Filtered and formatted dashboard pages to a PDF file to share with a colleague off-line?

Data Availablity Schedule

  • What are the source systems for data in Cal Answers?
  • When will the latest data from our source systems be available in Cal Answers dashboard reports?

Office Hours

Campus data analysts are available for Cal Answers Office Hours to assist users with their
questions about how to access, retrieve, and interpret data within the
Student Applicants, Student Curriculum, Student Demographics & Outcomes, and
Student Financials subject areas. To schedule an office hours session, contact the Campus
Shared Services Cal Answers Help Desk at
or 664-9000 (ext. - option 1, then option 2). Please provide the Cal Answers
question(s) you hope to address at the session.

Cal Answers Help Desk

If you have questions or feedback for the Cal Answers Team, please contact Campus Shared
Services IT Application Support at or 664-9000 (ext. -
option 1, then option 2).

Student Data Subject Area Wikis

Each Student Data subject area maintains a wiki - a collaborative web site where the
analysts document their subject area's procedural information, such as data definitions,
report field lists, unique methodology considerations, etc.
Student Applicants
Student Curriculum
Student Demographics & Outcomes
Student Financials

Download a PDF Version of the Student Data Resource Map