The Power of Integration

Cal Answers provides analysts and decision-makers, faculty, staff, and students a tool to easily access integrated, reliable information presented in a customizable, user-friendly framework. Tool development kicked off in 2011, and the team is working to integrate data-collection systems, consolidate reporting tools, and enhance analytical support to improve the quality of operational planning and decision-making campus-wide.

The tool is powered by Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) software, which is one of the top reporting tools on the market. It consists of metrics from a variety of campus data topics, ranging from faculty research to student curriculum to human resources information. Through the efforts of many initiatives each focused on a specific data topic, the team is building out the data incrementally. Currently, you may access data about registered students, the procure-to-pay process, human resources, principal investigator budgets, course enrollment, and student financial aid.

As more data topics are added, cross-functional reporting and integrated analysis capabilities will improve, enabling richer and more robust reporting capabilities than any single campus operational system could provide.

Understanding UC Berkeley Through Cal Answers

Take a moment to view a brief and entertaining presentation describing the origin of Cal Answers.